Computer Repair

NCIS Consulting offers a wide array of affordable services to individuals and small businesses in the Skagit County area. We will find and remove unnecessary software, optimize your Web browser, and make sure your operating system is running at peak performance.
* Laptop Screen Replacement
* Data Backup & Recovery
* Virus Removal
* Computer Tuneup
* Remote Support
* Memory Upgrade
* System Upgrades
* Windows Recovery
On Premise Backup Solutions Data protection is an essential part of every IT strategy. It minimizes the risk of downtime and data loss as well as the risk a compliance breach. NCIS Consulting will you setup & manage onsite backups for servers, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, NAS Server and workstations using the latest technology.  



Cloud Backup Solutions NCIS Consulting will help you find the best online backup service to meet your needs. Integrated cloud backup and storage service includes scheduling automatic backups, data compression, encryption, full & incremental backups, versioning, and secure local backups.