Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is workspace hub for people to collaborate to share files, calls, chats, meetings, presentations and much more.  This service integrates with Office 365 subscription productivity suites that you may already be using.  NCIS Consulting recommends using Microsoft Teams for … Continued

VPN Security

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A Virtual Private Network is a service that allows you to connect to the Internet via an encrypted tunnel to ensure your online privacy and protect your sensitive data. VPNs are commonly used to secure connections to public Wi-FI hotspots, … Continued

Text Message Marketing

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 One of those reasons is that almost everyone has a cellphone and keeps it within an arm’s reach at any point throughout the day! 90% of all texts are also read within the first 5 minutes. If you stop … Continued

Remote Desktop Manager

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Access your remote computers 24/7 and enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere.  NCIS Consulting recommends using RemotePC to connect to your office computers for all your business needs. Always-ON remote access One-time instant access Access via web Access your … Continued

Cloud backup solutions

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Your data is encrypted with military grade 256-bit AES encryption on transfer and storage. On signup, you can choose a private encryption key, known only to you and not stored anywhere on our servers. Backup unlimited PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads … Continued

Outlook Search Tools

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With the Copernic Microsoft Outlook Extension, you will be able to search your emails, contacts, attachments notes.  Check out all the search tools that Copernic provides. Install Copernic Desktop Search on your Windows PC and start finding your Microsoft Office … Continued